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Suzanne Menard - Ivy Primary Teacher

Mrs. Mernard 

My name is Suzanne Menard and I am the Primary Lead Teacher in the Ivy Class. I have been a Montessori teacher for the past 15 years, working at Montessori Country Day School (MCDS) as well as at our sister schools; Princeton Meadows and Children’s House. I have a Bachelors degree in Communications with a minor in History, and earned my American Montessori Society (AMS) and Montessori Teaching (MTTI) certifications.

I was privileged enough to serve as the MCDS Lead Literacy Teacher from 2014-2017 academic school years. As the MCDS Lead Literacy Teacher, I attended educational webinars conducted by Nobel Learning Communities’ Education department, and passed along the information learned to my colleagues so that they can implement these new techniques in their classrooms. In addition, I also spent five summers (2011-2016) as the Summer Academic Teacher for the elementary class. I was also honored to be nominated for the Nobel Learning Communities (Montessori Country Day School) “Teacher of the Year” award in 2017.

I decided to become an educator because of my love for children and my desire to enable all children to reach their goals and full potential.

I have lived in Plainsboro for the past 24 years. I am married and the mother of two wonderful children. My son Phillip recently graduated from grad school and my daughter Samantha is a college senior. In my spare time, I enjoy giving back to the community as a volunteer at the Plainsboro Pantry, WWP High School South PTA, and The Elms of Cranbury Nursing Home.

I truly believe that every child should experience the following things in their classroom environment:

“In the Montessori Classroom, We do RESPECT. We do TEAMWORK. We do FUN and LAUGHTER. We do FRIENDSHIP. We do GOOD LISTENING. We do our BEST and HELP each other. We TRY and we do AMAZING THINGS.”


Mrs. Gupta 

“The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than the learning of ideas. It includes the training of characters, it is a preparation of the spirit”- Maria Montessori

I am Sushmita Sengupta. I hold a bachelor’s degree in zoology and botany and a Master’s degree in information technology. I finished my Montessori Teacher Training this year from Mercer County Community College. I am married to a professor and blessed with two lovely kids; a daughter (9 years) and a son (3 years) old.

The classroom is a huge part of a child’s live in their early school days. It is where they learn, explore, socialize and interact. Personally I find working with my young friends so much fun; they are open to speaking their minds, being silly and make the work day so much interesting. I want to learn something new every day. I will constantly be learning from my fellow teachers and even by students, who help me become a better educator.

I look forward to a positive, exciting and rewarding school year.

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