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Mulberry Classroom (1st-3rd Grade) January News

It is hard to believe that it is already 2015! We hope everyone had a wonderful winter break! Mrs. Spiro and I are excited to be back and ready to get back to work and we hope you are too! Read more…

Ivy Classroom (3-6 yrs) January News

Happy New Year! During the month of January we will continue our studies on the animal groups. We will learn about mammals, carnivores (animals that eat other animals), herbivores (animals that eat plants) and omnivores (animals that eat both plants and animals). We will talk about animals with hooves, fur,…
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Sunflower Class (18 mo-3yr) January News

Here we are embarking on a brand new year, 2015. Once again we wish our Sunflower friends and family a happy and healthy New Year. We hope you had a great time and made many enjoyable memories. As the New Year begins, we will see the Sunflower children showing their new spirit. Friends will be happy…
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Sage Classroom (3-6yrs) January News

December in Review December was a very festive month in the Sage classroom, as well as at Montessori Country Day. Children learned about St. Nicholas Day, Christmas, and Hanukkah through reading books and different art projects. The wonderful “Winter Wonderland” was a warm start to the holiday season and enjoyed by everyone. It was nice seeing you…
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Campus Courier – December 2014

A Message From the Principal: Our campus is buzzing with winter activities and children are hard at work building their skills through new lessons and exciting enrichment experiences. Children are noticing the change in our ability to see our woodland creatures outdoors and the need to “bundle up” before they go…
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November Ukelele News

Dear Mulberry Parents, Ukulele lessons have begun with the Mulberry students, and the children are beyond excited. On the first day they learned the names of the parts of the ukulele, the correct hand position, and how to hold the ukulele, and how to strum and play a C chord….
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