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Our Mission

Montessori Corner schools strive for educational excellence. Our mission is to provide each of our students with a well-rounded, individualized educational and developmental experience, based on Montessori principles, that nurtures a love of learning.

Mission: Montessori Country Day School is committed to providing 21st Century educational excellence.  Our individualized curriculum is designed to develop the whole child intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and morally.  Within our nurturing, multi-aged Montessori learning environments students are empowered to be competent, confident, collaborative, critical thinkers.  Montessori Country Day School students are encouraged to be life-long learners and leaders within their local and global communities.

Vision: Sowing the Seeds of Knowledge and Creativity; Cultivating Academic Excellence, 21st Century Skills and Leadership


From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Montessori Country Day Elementary School in Plainsboro is dedicated to providing a stimulating education steeped in the Montessori philosophy and infused with current instructional best practices in fine arts, literacy, mathematics and science. Our mission is to provide students with a well-rounded and individualized education, designed around their developmental needs, and tailored to support their future success in their local and global communities.

Our Montessori-certified teachers are passionate, enthusiastic individuals trained in the skill of differentiating instruction. They design individualized learning plans and create opportunities that support students’ development of 21st century learning and leadership skills, including creativity, collaboration, independence, self-confidence and social responsibility.

Enrichment classes are coordinated with students’ academic schedules to enhance their learning experience. Elementary students participate in a world language, music, swimming, physical education, fine arts, theater and STEM. Our primary students have weekly lessons in a world language, music physical education, fine arts, and swimming for students ages four and older. Our toddlers’ weekly experiences include music, library, physical education and a world language.

Our beautiful campus is the perfect setting for academic pursuits. Notable features include a gymnasium, music room, indoor swimming pool and outdoor playgrounds and fields. Students have the opportunity to observe nature in action on our outdoor patios.

Children receive the best possible education when parents are involved. For that reason, we offer many convenient ways to stay in touch with us including school newsletters, classroom web pages and teacher email. We are proud to say that effective communication among parents, teachers and staff is a way of life at our school.

Please contact us at 877-959-4185 to schedule a private tour of our campus and discuss how our Montessori education can benefit your child. In the meantime, please visit us on Facebook to see some of the exciting things happening at our school.


Leanne Alexandrini
Principal, Montessori Country Day Elementary School