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April News

Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung and hopefully the warmer weather will follow soon!  With the warmer weather we are getting outdoors more and more taking in the fresh air and getting some exercise while learning to socialize appropriately with our peers.  The playground offers many learning opportunities in addition to positive socialization including strengthening gross motor coordination, balance, confidence and self-awareness.  Additionally, children  make up games, follow rules, and learn social cues necessary for every day living.  Getting outside at home can be equally as beneficial, so don’t be afraid to go out and play!  Ride bikes, swing on swings and climb things.

Children develop through play and they reap so many benefits from being outside.  And, don’t forget about observing the world around them!  Nature is astounding!  Teach your child to appreciate the beauty that is the world around them.  Spend time watching the ants carry a twig or the birds change direction in flight.  Talk about the shape and color of the leaves and take note of the texture and patterns of the rocks underfoot.  These activities also teach patience, focus, concentration and respect for the world.  All that in just a few moments outside!

As we move into April we will be learning about the world around us as we celebrate Earth Day!  Our annual Ladybug Launch will be a wonderful hands on opportunity for our students to learn all about the impacts a ladybug has on the environment, not to mention the life cycle and the parts of a ladybug will also be addressed.  There’s something here for every one!

To join our family, call to schedule your enrollment appointment for the 2019-2020 school year!  Registration has already begun so don’t wait!

We look forward to welcoming your family into ours!

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