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November News

Happy Autumn and all the wonderful things that are to come!  Children’s House students are so excited to welcome Fall and to observe the changes in seasons!  This time of the year offers such wonderful learning opportunities and we  are embracing all of them!

From parts of a tree to parts of an apple to apple tasting activities, our students are getting  their fill tasting delicious apples learning the difference between sweet and sour!  Guessing and graphing activities help reinforce these tasty lessons!  Pumpkins and their life cycles are also a large part of our classroom activities during October and November, too!  Strengthening large muscle coordination by scrubbing pumpkins and learning to sort pumpkins largest to smallest are only a few of the wonderful ways we bring nature into our classrooms each day!  Students learn about weight and measurement using pumpkins and eventually even get their hands dirty by opening up the classroom pumpkins in preparation for carving!  It’s the best hands on experience and their faces are priceless!  We love it!

Fall also brings with it the cooler weather and our focus shifts to weather appropriate clothing and how to dress during colder weather.  This is a  great way to teach zipping, tying and lacing as well as how to put on mittens, gloves and hats.  One can never be too prepared as winter quickly approaches.

Our students have been learning the beauty of giving back as we recently completed our annual Kids Helping Kids food drive to support the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen!  We collected more than 100 non-perishable items for TASK and we never felt so good doing it!

November will bring us the season for giving Thanks as we prepare to learn about kindness and thankfulness through enriching lessons to promote character education.  We look forward to celebrating our annual Thanksgiving Feast with friends as we prepare Friendship soup by washing and cutting vegetables together.

We look forward to a month filled with blessings and friendship!


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