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February News

We can hardly believe that we are already heading into February!  Where has the school year gone?  Our children are busy each day finding comfort in the daily routines of the classroom and materials.  A prepared environment and repetition are the keys to the Montessori classroom.  Teachers take great pride and care each day to prepare their classrooms to foster independence and development.  Materials are designed to allow the child to practice until concepts are mastered.  Both of these key points of the Montessori philosophy allow the child to build self-confidence.  This confidence comes from them knowing what to expect each day and having the skills to achieve success at their fingertips.  Our students begin as shy, unsure little one’s and grow into confident, independent and self-reliant citizens of the world.

Success is not measured by the amount of work a child does, but by their joy in completing it.  Our goal is to help develop children who are happy to come to school and who take pride in learning.  I often have parents comment on whether a child is having fun and I always respond with, “look at them.  They are all making choices that make them happy.  They are completing work because it pleases them.  They are mastering tasks they don’t even know they are mastering and they are doing it with a passion and love for learning fueled by intrinsic motivation.

It is another beautiful day at Children’s House.  One we are proud to be a part of and one where new challenges await.  Who wouldn’t want this for their child?  I know I did and I thank my lucky stars every day that my own children were blessed to have had a Montessori foundation.  Call today to schedule your child’s enrollment 609-443-8900.  We still have a few spaces left for the 2017-2018 school year and registration for the next school year is coming soon!  We look forward to welcoming your family into ours!

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