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Full STEAM Ahead at MCDS

Montessori Country Day School Kindergarten and Elementary students are exploring STEM concepts during their special STEMscopes lessons with Mrs. Suh.  Students are completely engaged in the scientific process using hands-on materials and data collection systems.

During a lesson in the Pushes and Pulls scope, Mulberry students were trying to push an object using a drinking straw and their breathe.

Sage and Ivy kindergarten students played a “Mother May I” game as they practiced a Pushes and Pulls lesson from STEMscopes.

MCDS Bird Watchers problem solve! “The first bird feeders we made were damaged by the squirrels.  We needed to redesigned them so that the squirrels will not be able to chew through them.  We hope these new design will keep the squirrels from destroying the bird feeders.”   -Mulberry Students

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