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Writer’s Workshop at Montessori Country Day School

On Friday, December 22nd faculty and families gathered together to celebrate the writing process at Montessori Country Day School.  Students presented their chosen piece of writing by reading and displaying illustrations.  The audience included MCDS kindergarten students, parents, teachers and administration.  Elementary students engaged the audience with vivid vocabulary, detailed illustrations, tone of voice and eye contact.  The presentation ended with a shared story written by two of the eldest students in the class.  Each elementary student’s writing was then placed at a station in the classroom.  Audience members went around the room offering written feedback to each student author.  Kindergarten students, parents and staff enjoyed offering words of encouragement to students in the elementary classroom.  The MCDS community came together to celebrate student authors and illustrators.  


Student Authors Share Stories


Audience Members Share Feedback


Celebrating the Writing Process Together


See our Writer’s Workshop Photo Gallery



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