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December 2017

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” ~Unknown.


The crisp air of winter has begun to arrive! Children have learned the classroom norms and have easily settled into the supportive routines that the teachers design. Continuing your family routines with predictable meal times and bed times will also support your children as they adjust to their school schedule. Balanced diet, outdoor play and lots of sleep will keep children’s heads, hearts and hands ready to learn at school.

Hard skills are the purely academic skills and soft skills are the skills other than the academic – the personal qualities, habits, and attitudes that make someone a successful student and, by extension, a good boss or employee later in life. In Montessori, starting in toddlers, students develop the self-motivation and independence that higher level educational institutions are looking for.  In other words, beginning at these very young ages, Montessori children are already developing the soft skills that will benefit them greatly later in life. From their earliest days in Montessori, children are shown how to do a thousand and one activities for themselves and then given time and choice. They are shown how to care for their friends and their environment. It is these skills that when coupled with the academic expectations allow our students to achieve and find success both personally and cognitively.

The Children’s House student is focused and motivated to learn and also to teach.  Our students take great pride in giving lessons to their peers and encouraging them to challenge themselves.  It is truly a beautiful thing to watch unfold each day!  If you are interested in a space for your child at Children’s House, contact us at 609-443-8900 and we’d be happy to share more information about our programs with you!

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