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November News


November is a time to stop and take time to acknowledge all we are thankful for. Our children are the most precious gift, not only to you, but to all of the staff of Montessori Corner.

We welcome our new families that joined our community this month. Even our littlest students have grown more comfortable in their environment.  These children tend to take a little while longer to adjust just because of the age, but year after year we find that the standard 4-6 weeks of transition is customary for all children.

The holiday season is quickly approaching; the children are enjoying their classroom time and the teachers have been so busy preparing beautiful and engaging lessons.  Our faculty works hard to ensure that their students receive large group lessons, small group lessons, individual one on one lessons and independent time for their students to master and practice tasks each day.

Our thanks to our parent volunteer group who put together a wonderful Halloween party for our families.  We all enjoyed games, crafts and snacks and a colorful display of costumes and smiles!

Tip of the month: Slow motion sounds help our youngest children to listen for letter sounds within a word. While reading, let him randomly call out, “Speed bump!” Then, you read the next word in slow motion, emphasizing each letter sound. For instance, “Fff-aaah-rrr-mmm.” To speed you back up, your child calls out the word at normal speed: “Farm!”

Wishing all a lovely Thanksgiving!

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