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MCDS Elementary Students Stewardship Project at the Plainsboro Preserve

It’s All About Birds!  MCDS Elementary Students Fluff Their Feathers and Hone Their Skills of Observation!

The Montessori Corner elementary students officially began their stewardship at the Plainsboro Preserve on Friday, October 13, 2017. They met with the sanctuary director and she showed the children the preserve’s bird feeding station. They observed and identified the birds that landed at the feeders. She explained each feeder and what types of birds use them. The children learned that a bird feeding station needs water, shelter, and food. They had a chance to price out different bird feeders so they can decide which types to buy for their bird feeding station on campus. This winter, they will be bird watching for Cornell Lab. The Preserve also gifted the school with free bird seed from Morning Song and Audubon Park seed companies. 


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