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Back to School

Children’s House is excited to welcome all of our 2017-2018 families.  We are looking forward to another banner year.

This year, Children’s House welcomes our  new and returning families when we open our doors for the new school year on September 5.  We are proud of the school we have grown and take great pride in the students we have nurtured.  Their successes are our successes and we take each personally.

Our goal for our students during the first few days of school is to find comfort and to provide them with the consistency necessary for finding independence and success.  I will send out more emails than usual during this time just to keep our families up to date on the transitioning process.

Most often, the transition process is harder for mom and dad than it is for the child, so we will do our best to help the entire family through this process. Take some time to read through these tips and help your child through this time while allowing yourself to grow through the process.

Don’t forget, the second day is always worse than the first and the second week is usually more difficult for a child than the first week.  This is normal.  Children read your signals.  If you are anxious, they will be too.  If you are positive and optimistic, they will be as well.

At school, skills are introduced from the simple to the complex, with new elements added gradually. Challenging new work still contains enough familiarity so that the child can succeed. For example, children in the classroom practice tasks such as dry pouring, sponge squeezing, wet pouring, filling and carrying vessels of water and tray wiping, all in advance of easel painting. Prior experience creates comfort, confidence and skill in the child; this structured approach helps each child to work to her fullest potential. In the pursuit of independence, a child’s home and school environment can be each other’s greatest asset. The gifts we can give our child are adequate time, age appropriate and well communicated expectations and trust in their innate capabilities.

We anticipate some tears, but most often children are distracted within a few minutes in the classroom and the tears subside.  Our faculty has had many years of experience so trust them to know how to aid you and your child through the transition of a new school year.

2017-2018 is looking really good and we are thrilled to welcome each of you to our family!

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