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Getting Ready for Back to School

Summer is in full swing, but Back to School is right around the corner!  We are busy preparing for the new school year planning events and activities that are sure to have  your child engaged and learning from the very first day of school!  Our certified Montessori teachers have designed beautifully prepared environments complete with Math, Language, Practical Life, Sensorial, Geography, History, Science, Culture and Handwriting and are ready to customize lesson plans specifically for your child’s journey toward success!

The first few days of school can be overwhelming for young children so we work to ensure a calm and patient atmosphere within our school.  The teachers work to maintain consistency and solid ground rules as children work well if they understand what is going to happen.  When their schedules are interrupted or they are unsure they may become upset.  Talking through changes, schedules and expectations is important for children, particularly the first few weeks of school.  Don’t expect your little one to share much about their day in the beginning.  This is not uncommon.  Let them take a few days to get to know their friends, teachers and routines.  After a week or so, they will be much more willing and able to communicate their happenings at school.

Your teachers will be spending time evaluating each child on a daily basis to determine lesson planning.  Don’t forget all of our lesson plans are designed to meet the needs of each child so evaluations are crucial to ensuring your child’s classroom successes!  Practical life, Sensorial, Math, Language, History, Geography, Science, Culture and Writing are foundations of the Montessori classroom; however, teachers will also encourage social growth, physical activity and character development as the well-rounded child is paramount to a successful future. Don’t forget that your child’s teachers not only have college degrees, but they are certified Montessori teachers who are experts in their field.  Trust them to know which paths to take and which roads lead to success.  Cutting corners and taking short cuts are not part of our process and may leave gaps for your child.  Steady and planned progress wins the race every time!

We only have a few spaces left if you haven’t already registered.  Contact the office today at 609-443-8900 to schedule your child’s enrollment. We look forward to welcoming your family into ours!

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