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Summer Camp at Children’s House

Summer camp has begun and the children are having a blast!  We are only in our second day, but we have already learned so much about one another and we continue to develop friendships and practice our social skills each day!  Our morning academic program offers math, language and handwriting opportunities and is run similarly to our school year.  Students participate in a variety of activities, both individually and in group formats, allowing for personal and social development.  Practicing our academic skills keeps us school ready each day!  There will be no summer slide at Children’s House!

Our afternoon sessions offer summer adventures!  STEAM activities are in abundance!  We even had an impromptu science lesson today when we observed five baby bunnies sleeping in a small burrow in our sandbox on the playground!  What excitement!  We were able to take notice of their characteristics including the size of each bunny, the length of their tiny ears and the color of their fur.  We also discussed the importance of letting nature be and not disturbing the babies as all babies need their rest so they can grow up safely!  We talked about the importance of not harming the bunnies and keeping our distance.  Observing our bunnies has been so much fun!

As we settle into camp we will be participating in a variety of activities including bike week, tie dying, science experiments and so much more!  There are still a few spaces left if you want to join in on the fun!  Contact the office at 609-443-8900 to register!

Have a great summer!

Chris Booth, Principal

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