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May News

Come meet our wonderful school and staff on our next Open House on Tuesday May 9th from 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Spring is finally here and our Spring Break friends have learned about seed germination. We had a fun-filled week as we punched, planted and painted flowers during our Spring break.

Our children and families had a great time as we celebrated Earth day this month. They released 3,000 ladybugs throughout the schoolyard and back into the environment on plants, flowers and trees. The children were dressed for the event with head pieces in the likeness of ladybugs, wearing red and black colors and antennae. Students also performed a couple of songs on how to be great planet Earth helpers!

On the same day, our children displayed amazing artworks showcasing their artists of the month. Creative and colorful masterpieces inspired by Joan Miró, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Arcimboldo, among others, were proudly presented.

Throughout this entire month students will be able to learn from a comprehensive set of works about our planet Earth. We will continue to learn about nature, the lifecycle of ladybugs and other critters in our backyard. We will study landforms and simulate volcano eruptions; we will review our continents and move on to the solar system; and finally, we will discuss the planets, moons and stars.

This month we celebrate mother’s day in a special way as we recognize how much love and care our moms dedicate to their homes. Our annual mother’s day celebration will be marked with a Mad Hatter tea party. We thank our mothers for making their homes so special!

Tip of the month:  Montessori classrooms are “children’s house”. As such, the presence of an adult may distract our children and interrupt their learning process. During arrival or dismissal times, please wait for a teacher to greet you at the door. Our teachers are trained to welcome or dismiss your child while still preserving a learning atmosphere in the classroom.

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