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April News

Our friends are excited about spring and hoping to get the opportunity to get outside to explore, socialize and have fun time.  Hopefully Mother Nature will be on our side and bring us some warmth and sunshine. We have been learning about nutrition (My Plate) and the 5 categories it’s comprised of, which include fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and diary. We have been focusing on all the groups and learning to understand which category our favorite foods belong to.

Our children learned that our body is just like a factory and it works hard. To do its job, through each and every hour, our body must have fuel to give it strength and power. We know that food is a main resource that provides fuel and energy to our body which is needed to keep our body’s growing. We talked about the five food groups on the Food Plate and how our body benefits from each food group as well as how to choose balanced meals and healthy snacks in order to maintain a healthy body. We have incorporated activities to help our children identify the five food groups and aid our children in making healthy choices for their meals and snacks. We invited the children to choose food work which allowed them to categorize a variety of items according to the food plate. We also discussed and identified the number of food groups we can find in our breakfasts and lunches. Our children eagerly participated in these discussions and some have tried to bring all five groups in their meals at school.   We encourage our parents to invite their child to help when preparing their daily meals, talk about healthy choices and encourage them to eat balanced meals.

As we welcome spring, we turn our attention to the growth and development of the world around us.  In celebration of Earth Day will be learning the life cycle of a butterfly and the ladybug.  We will also celebrate Earth Day by turning our focus to recycling, reusing and reducing.   We will be planting and participating in STEM experiments that will provide us with continued knowledge of the world we live in.

Besides, this we continue to work in all areas, to strengthen our pincer grip, focus and concentration.  As our attention span and focus grow, we will be more able to participate in activities which are lengthier and more in-depth, thereby increasing our interests.

We look forward to the upcoming explorations and discoveries!  We are still enrolling for the summer and the 2017-18 school year so don’t wait.  Call the office today at 609-443-8900 to schedule your appointment to enroll.

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