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November News

Ah, autumn! That tantalizing time of year when Mother Nature wows us with a variable smorgasbord for the senses: multicolored leaves, harvest moon, pecans, pumpkins, crisp temperatures, and steaming mugs of apple cider with fragrant cinnamon. Autumn is an opportune time to let nature become your educational guide. Maria Montessori understood the importance of learning through nature. Children develop their minds and bodies through their senses and interactions with nature. This is a basic premise of the Montessori Method. Hands-on activities, sensory experience, and education through movement are at the root of every Montessori lesson.

Autumn is magical, but passes quickly. The children are nurturing their instinctive connection with the natural world through activities such as parts of a pumpkin, life cycle of a pumpkin, experimenting with leaves and pine cones and the concept of living and non-living things.

Often parents wonder why their child does fine, independent work in the Montessori environment and not at home.

Very young children are capable of independent work at home, though they must be provided enough time and space to “do it myself”. For example, a three and four year old can wipe and dust tables, fold towels and sort silverware.

Children require little more than to be kept company while working, however; we, parents must be less judgmental and more willing to accept less than perfect results as tasks are performed to the best of the child’s abilities.

The gift we can give our children is to step back and allow them to do things on their own and trust in their innate capabilities.

If we can take the time to provide better opportunities for children to do for themselves at home, we are assisting them as they grow into independent adults.

In simple words, allow your children to make mistakes because there’s no short cut to success.

We anticipate a beautiful fall and are thrilled that you are a part of our family!

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