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August News

Summer camp is in full swing and August is right around the corner.  Our campers have been so busy exploring and growing and we are thrilled to watch their development each day.

Our summer academic program has begun and our teachers are eagerly planning lessons in math, language, writing and STEM.  Graphing, patterns, experiments, tracing, writing practice and so much more are just tips of the iceberg this summer!  Academic campers have the opportunity to work independently, but also in groups throughout their sessions.  Their confidence is at an all time high during the academic kick off to kindergarten and up program gets underway!

Our younger campers have had a blast participating in listening games, water play and art projects.  The summer is theme based, but because we do keep our Montessori materials available, the children also have time for refining skills.  Practical life in the summer is always a ton of fun and these skills are necessary for future writing practice.  Never underestimate the importance of pouring, spooning, grasping, tonging and even washing dishes!

Planting is becoming a big part of our camp program also.  Most recently we designed grass heads and are waiting to see the hair on our grass people grow!  Maybe if it gets too long we can use scissors to give our grass head a little trim!

Summer, and even the beginning of the school year are often  times of transition.  It is not uncommon for children to struggle with transitions; however, our campers have done a wonderful job transitioning into their new classrooms and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Transitions usually take a few days and the best way to alleviate transition stress it to remain positive and talk through the transition.  Children transition easier if they know what they are going to be doing and what they need to know.  Talk to your child and let them know what they can expect.  Also, reinforce that you always come back and make it a point to focus on your child when you do return.  Ask them about their day and what their favorite part was.  This reminds the child that they were successful and the transition becomes easier each day.

We are still enrolling for the fall.  If you know someone interested in enrolling at our school tell them to contact the office to schedule a time to meet or tell them about our upcoming open house on Saturday, August 13 from 10 am to 1 pm.  We have a few spaces left and we don’t want you to miss out!


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