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May News

It’s May!  I can hardly believe that the school year is drawing to a close.  We have accomplished so much this school year and the last few weeks have been a whirlwind!

April brought with it some warmer weather, but it also brought lessons on germination, Earth Day, recycling, conservation and planting.  Earth Day is always a wonderful reason to reinforce our understanding of our planet and the importance of caring for it.  We each have our part and if we all do a little something extra each day, we will be in a better place in no time!

Our annual Ladybug Launch was held in celebration of Earth Day and students and their families were invited to join us as we released 3,000 ladybugs into the environment.  Prior to this event, students learned that ladybugs are the Earth’s natural pesticide eating aphids (those pesky little insects that eat the plants and cause them to die).  Our students had the opportunity explore the life of the ladybug through art, science, music and ultimately, at hands on experience where they were invited to touch and experience a ladybug up close.  Learning the parts of the ladybug and the life cycle of the ladybug were integral parts of the most recent lessons school-wide.   Our students impress with their ladybug knowledge!

In addition to our ladybug excitement, our students spent some time focusing on the world as they prepared for our International Day events.  Each classroom chose a continent or country of interest and spent a significant time each day focusing on their unit of study. Biomes, habitats, food, animals native to the area, clothing, architecture, cultural celebrations and so much more were presented and celebrated.  Each class proudly put together their own display for parent viewing.  What wonderful work!

Thank you to all who participated and supported our Scholastic Book Fair.  We had a wonderful time offering the fair to our students.  Each year we have so many requests for the book fair and we do our best to deliver on the fun! The book fair is another way to encourage a lifelong love of reading. We raffled off two bags of prize books and the winners were Uchemma and Nora from the Pegasus class! Congratulations to these friends!

Planting and germination lessons have taken over and students are learning the parts of a plant while participating in some wonderful STEM activities and experiments that include plants.

May promises to be equally as exciting!  The teachers have so many ideas and activities planned and we are thrilled to have you a part of all of it!

Kindergarten graduation will take place on Tuesday, June 14 (time to be announced-we usually have our ceremony around noon, but we will announce the exact time once it has been confirmed).  All currently enrolled kindergarten students will have the opportunity to take place in this time honored tradition of commencement.  More information will come soon.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mommies!  Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs, but also the most rewarding!  May each of you have a beautiful Mother’s Day.

Summer camp is on its way and we are really excited to be offering some additional programs including our Kick off to Kindergarten Academic Phase that will run during six weeks of our camp program.  This program will host (alternating) two weeks each of Math, Language and STEM for a total of six weeks of instruction. Students must be 5 years or older by October 1, 2016 to participate in this session.  Spaces are limited so sign up soon.  Our regular camp will also be available to younger students or those who do not wish to participate in the academic session.  This camp will also have an academic focus and will be more rounded to focus on all academic areas throughout the day.  We anticipate a strong camp program and spaces will be limited so sign up early to ensure your child has a space in our summer camp extravaganza!

If you have not enrolled for the 2016-2017 school year and are planning to, kindly see Ms. Ewall in the office to secure your child’s enrollment.  This is the time we start looking at who is returning and we begin any transition processes for students changing classrooms.  This allows for an easier transition time in the fall.  Unless your child is enrolled for the following school year, we aren’t able to schedule their transition into their new classroom.  Transition/moving up opportunities are offered to all students moving into new classrooms for the fall session.  Teachers will begin taking these students on tours of their new classrooms and allowing them to spend a little time each week in their new environment getting to know the classroom, the teacher and even some new friends.

Wishing you all a beautiful May filled with laughter, love and happiness,

Chris Booth, Principal

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