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May News

It seems spring is finally here!  We are enjoying all of the wonderful offerings that come with the change of the season! April brought us Earth Day which was an enormous celebration at Children’s House.  We spent the month focusing on conservation, recycling and reusing.  The classrooms put together some fantastic art projects based on these topics.  We were so proud of their creativity and innovation during their trash to treasure art challenges!  Students were invited to turn their own recycled materials into something special.  We had dollhouses, airplanes, wreaths, caterpillars, mailboxes, robots and so much more!  Our students really pulled out all of the stops this year!

We had the opportunity to display their recycled creations along side their classroom art projects that focused on the Master Artists.  Each classroom studied the life and works of an artist of their choice.  Once armed with the knowledge of their artist, they created beautiful artist inspired pieces to put on display during our Earth Day celebration.  Horizon class studied Picasso’s cubism period and East class focused their energies on Van Gogh’s Starry, Starry Night.  West class created Mondrian inspired pieces, while the Meridian class got crazy with Jackson Pollock’s splatter paintings but calmed down again to focus on planting the garden as another piece of art!  South made Da Vinci proud with their own renditions of the Last Supper and even took it to another level by asking the children why they think the Mona Lisa is smiling…some of those answers were hysterical!  North class used their scissor skills to create Henri Matisse artwork reminiscent of his collage type art.  All in all it was a very informative, inspiring and creative lesson for all.

In addition to our Earth Day celebrations and projects, our students are eagerly learning about seed germination and the importance of the care of our planet.  There are seeds and flowers germinating all over Children’s House and the students couldn’t be more proud!  Many have taken their little plants home for planting while others have planted theirs in the front yard at Children’s House!  We love it!

Our Annual Ladybug Launch was met with great excitement and was a huge success.  We released 3,000 ladybugs into the environment in celebration of Earth Day.  The children spent the month learning the parts of the ladybug along with the importance of them to our world.  Ladybugs were everywhere on Earth Day and we are proud to help care for the world around us!

As we move into May we prepare for our Mother’s Day celebrations, Kindergarten Graduation and the last day of school.  I cannot believe the year is coming to an end.  What a remarkable journey we have had. I do hope you will continue on this journey with us and enroll for summer camp and for our 2016-2017 school year.  If you are graduating and moving on, be sure to visit!  We love our alumni and are thrilled when they want to be part of our future.  Sharing their successes are our own successes!

Wishing you a magical May!

Chris Booth, Principal

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