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November News

Can you believe it’s already November?  Where does the time go?  Our students are having such an amazing school year!  The classrooms are abuzz with so many new lessons.  Ideas are everywhere and the creativity from the teachers and students has me in awe!

The classrooms have been studying so many new things and the children are loving every minute of their time in class.  In Science, the parts of a pumpkin and the life cycle of the pumpkin plant have been the highlight of the month.  The children have had wonderful hands on experiences carving pumpkins and feeling the ooey gooey insides (pulp) of the pumpkin.  Most of the children were not particularly enthralled with this part of the lesson, but it was a great sensorial experience for all!  This lesson extended into the  Practical life areas of the classroom, too as pumpkin seeds were prepared and baked then served for snack in some classrooms.  What a beautiful extension of a cross curricular activity.

In geography, our students have been busy learning the elements that make up the Earth including land, air and water as they delve into the understanding of the globe and maps.  The continent map is always a huge hit and the children love learning the continent song which is a great way to reinforce the seven continents that make up the Earth.  Many children have been introduced to the map of North America and more!  Land forms and animals of the continents are a wonderful way to lead a well balanced classroom.

Our faculty have presented such beautiful and creative lessons and their passion and commitment to their students is a delight!  As we move into November we will be introducing our Principals in Training program which is exclusive to our Kindergarten students each year.  This is a great opportunity for them to learn role modeling, responsibility and leadership skills.  They will receive applications soon and I look forward to working with them!

November also brings Thanksgiving and the character trait of kindness.  We will encourage our students to demonstrate kindness and giving as we participate in our first Pajama Drive benefiting the Trenton Rescue Mission.

Don’t forget, we are closed on November 26 & 27 for the Thanksgiving holiday and Parent/teacher conferences will be held the end of November into December.  Dates will be announced soon!

Wishing  you a beautiful Thanksgiving season,

Chris Booth and the Children’s House faculty

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