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October News

Happy October Children’s House families.  We have had a wonderfully successful beginning of the school year and our students are settling in beautifully.  The teachers have been hard at work designing lesson plans and assessing children based on their abilities and needs.  The classrooms are in full swing and the children are engaging in interactive activities daily.

Back to School Night was a huge success providing the parents with a general understanding of the classroom areas and expectations of the school year.

Tips for making transitions easier for the child:

  • Be consistent with drop off and pick up, but also with your expectations of the child
  • Be positive.  Children feed off of parent energy so your positive energy will yield their positive energy.
  • Be understanding and patient.  It takes time to get to know everything about the school day and to learn all of our new friends…give your child time to grow more comfortable
  • Encourage independence.  If you want your child to be independent, encourage them to carry their own lunch box or back pack or let them put on their shoes or jacket.
  • Take time to understand the classroom.  Having a better understanding of how your child is learning will allow him/her to find greater successes.
  • Don’t push them into something they aren’t ready for…just because an older child or friend’s child is doing something your child isn’t doesn’t mean he can’t, it just means he isn’t there yet.  We are all individuals with individual strengths and weaknesses…allow us time to grow and develop…you will see far greater results.
  • Celebrate success!  There is nothing better than a child knowing that mom and dad are their #1 fans!
  • Go over the week’s work.
  • Continue reading to your child every day!  This is the best way to encourage great reading habits, but also develops the parent/child bond!

October brings our Halloween Parade on October 30.  More information will come soon.

Wishing you a beautiful fall season,

Chris Booth, Principal

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