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October News

Can you believe that September is over and October is beginning?  It’s hard to believe that only a few weeks ago that school started and we were transitioning into the 15-16 school year.  Now our students are finding comfort in their environments and making new friends while being introduced to new concepts in the classroom.  It’s a beautiful time and one we love sharing with our families!

Back to School Night was a huge success.  Our families had the opportunity to meet with our faculty and tour the classrooms learning more about the expectations for the school year.  One of the biggest topics of the evening were tips on how to transition the children successfully and I thought I’d share some advice:

  • Be consistent.  Arriving on time alleviates the child’s anxiety
  • Be positive.  Positive energy yields positive energy.  Children feed off of their parents energy and if you are positive they will be too!
  • Keep your expectations realistic.  Children have a lot to get used to and may need a few extra days or weeks to become acclimated to the environment so give them this time to adjust first.
  • Keep your questions to a minimum in the beginning.  Most children won’t know new friends names in the beginning or what they did throughout the day.  This takes time.  I always suggest asking them if they read a book or if they played on the playground.  It tends to spark their memory and encourage them to share more openly.
  • Continue to read to your child daily.  This encourages their love of reading and allows them to hear the subtle changes of tone when reading.  This is a great preparation for future reading activities…but most importantly, it helps to build that parent/child bond and who doesn’t want that?
  • Remember the first few weeks allow the teachers to assess every child which will allow them to build appropriate lesson plans for each.  Children who did not attend summer camp may have to go back a little and revisit lessons from the end of the school year to ensure they are confident in moving forward.  This is normal.

Our teachers have been hard at work preparing lessons and encouraging independence in the classroom.  Independence fosters confidence and a confident child is more likely to take academic challenges with greater ease.

We are thrilled with such a successful beginning of the school year.  October brings us many new lessons including why leaves change colors and the change of the seasons.  School Picture day will be hosted on October 21, so bring your smile!

Our Halloween Parade will be held on October 30.  Times will be announced closer to the date.

Looking forward to a colorful fall season with each of you!

Chris Booth, Principal

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