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Back to School

Welcome Back to Children’s House of the Windsors!  The 15-16 school year is about to start and I am so excited.  There is something special about a new school year…maybe it’s the “newness” it brings or maybe it’s the energy or maybe it’s new opportunities to be had…whatever it is, I can’t wait to share our school with each and every one of you!

This year we are excited to introduce our students to the new Children’s House library!  You can’t miss it as bookcases line the halls!  With a huge thank you to the Mamaev family for helping to make our library dreams come true, our students will have the opportunity to select books for the classroom and use the library for research!  We continue to fill the shelves with exciting stories, reference materials and readers.  Our kindergarten students will be invited to check books out of the library during the school year as another way of encouraging responsibility, not to mention reading fluency.

Our teachers have been working hard at preparing the classrooms for the new school year and are anxious to share their enthusiasm with the children.  This year, Children’s House welcomes more than 140 students and their families for the 15-16 school year.  This years enrollment is a direct result of your wonderful support and feedback.  We have so many tours who come to us and tell us that our families have been singing our praises and that is why they come to Children’s House!  So, thank you for your support and kindness.  We will continue to work hard and do what we can to keep our families happy!

So, go enjoy the last few days of the summer and while you do know that we are anticipating a fantastic school year filled with friends, fun, laughter and memories to last a lifetime!


Chris Booth, Principal

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