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July News

Happy Summer!  July as arrived and summer camp is in full swing!  Our campers are enjoying their summer.  Their days are filled with laughing, friends and fun!  Week Three has been the “coolest” week of camp yet!  Our “Arctic Chill” has our students studying the way of life of the Eskimo. Students even made igloos and focused on the animals of the Arctic including polar bears, seals, snow owls, fish, whale and deer.  Digging into the life of the penguin and the care of their babies has been a particular treat for our campers.

In Art the children have made polar bear masks, penguin mosaics and Beluga whale puppets. Banana snowmen and Oreo penguins have been a tasty snack while in science we compared the melting point of ice cubes, a thick block of ice and crushed ice. Outside we enjoyed games including the racing polar bear, snowman slam and snowballs!

Songs for the week: Little Bear and Snowy Pokey

Are you sleeping, are you sleeping

Little bear, little bear

You will sleep all winter

Through the cold, cold winter

Little bear, little bear

Are you sleeping, are you sleeping

Little bear, little bear

You will wake in spring time

In the warm, warm spring time

Little bear, little bear


You put your right mitten in, you put your right mitten out

You put your right mitten in and shake it all about

You do the snowy pokey and turn yourself around

That’s what it’s all about!

(substitute mitten with scarf, right boot, left boot, hat and snowself)

 As we look forward to the 4th of July weekend we remind you to be careful when viewing fireworks.  Children can be frightened of the sound, but enjoy the visual experience.  Think about using ear muffs or head phones with music playing on them to lessen the effect of the noises.  This will allow children to enjoy the fireworks.  Also, let them know why you are asking them to wear headphones…letting them know that you expect the fireworks to be noisy prepares the child for the attraction.

We anticipate a wonderful summer camp season.  Contact the office if you would like to extend your child’s Montessori Corner summer camp experience!


Chris Booth, Principal

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