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July Newsletter

Happy Summer!  July as arrived and summer camp is in full swing!  Our campers are enjoying their summer.  Their days are filled with laughing, friends and fun!  Week Three has been the “coolest” week of camp yet!  Our “Arctic Chill” has our students studying polar bear and penguins!  Yesterday the classrooms looked like the North Pole when the children donned their polar bear masks that they made after learning about polar bear and their habitats.

Water play and playground have been a time of socialization and nurturing friendships.  The children are loving the sprinklers and playing with various water extensions.  Scooping water and water transfer are vital components to the Montessori classroom and the summer only enhances these activities on a larger scale.

As we look forward to the 4th of July weekend we remind you to be careful when viewing fireworks.  Children can be frightened of the sound, but enjoy the visual experience.  Think about using ear muffs or head phones with music playing on them to lessen the effect of the noises.  This will allow children to enjoy the fireworks.  Also, let them know why you are asking them to wear headphones…letting them know that you expect the fireworks to be noisy prepares the child for the attraction.

We anticipate a wonderful summer camp season.  Contact the office if you would like to extend your child’s Children’s House summer camp experience!


Chris Booth, Principal

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