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May News

A Message From the Principal:

The buds on our Montessori Corner trees are ready to burst, and we slowly but surely are recognizing signs of spring. The playground is now filled with children’s laughter as we welcome the warmer weather and the month of May!
Our students are anxiously beginning their Parents’ Day projects for their celebrations on May 5-8. Parents will be invited to the Big Dipper for lemonade and cookies, a short presentation of songs, games or poems, and then their presentation of gifts to their parent(s). This year we included our dad who is equally as important during this special time of the year.
During this month of May our teachers are also recognized. Truly one of the most admired, respected and valued people are our teachers who work day in and day out to provide our students with an amazing Montessori education, role model for our students respect, and ensure that every child is a joyful learner within their peaceful classroom environment. This is part of the Montessori philosophy that emanates throughout every Montessori Corner classroom.
We invite all prospective parents to tour our campus during the school day so that we can take you in to the classrooms to observe for yourself the benefits of individual lesson plans for every child and one-on-one lessons as the child masters the concepts. Our students are motivated because our concrete, hands-on Montessori materials guide them to the correct outcomes. Self esteem soars and our students are eager to move onto the next new challenge. We teach to every child based on their individual learning styles and appropriate level for them.
Of course Summer Camp and our Montessori Passport to Adventure theme have our students ready to begin Week 1 of fun activities and learning. Our summer camp is headed by our Montessori teachers and assistants, includes an academic session and a specific activity each day related to that week’s theme. We kick off the first week with “Camp Adventures” enjoying activities such as making binoculars, flying kites, exploring bug day, and creating a water wall!
Returning to the excitement in the classroom, our students are eager for their next science unit – the lifecycle (and metamorphosis) of the butterfly. We bring that lesson to life by observing the life cycle in the classroom – from egg to larvae (caterpillar) to chrysalis to butterfly. We then schedule a release of butterflies for all of our students to see. This is a much-loved event and one that culminates a very important science lesson.
Memorial Day will end the month, but not before our students learn about the important people who served our country. This holiday will be part of their history this month and will include stories, sharing, and crafts to remember the people who served the US Armed Forces.
It’s not too late to visit our school. We would love to provide a tour of our campus and show you what our students are doing in the classroom! Call today for an appointment at your convenience at 609-799-6668. I would be happy to speak with you!
Happy May!


Pat Rogove, Principal

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